How to Restart or Reset iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Wondering what your iPhone is thinking about when it says ‘thinking…’ for a long period of time? If you’ve been a loyal Apple user, you must know by now that freezing or hanging is a common iPhone issue that a lot of users often face.

So naturally, as an iPhone 12 pro max user, you must have thought about restarting or soft resetting your iphone once to make sure it’s working at it’s optimal speed. Now, while a lot of users do consider themselves tech whizzes there’s a few of us who are confused as to how to force restart your device. If you’ve been wondering the same, you’ve come to the right place!

Today we are going to talk about why your iPhone hangs or freezes and how to get a quick respite from this problem in just 3 easy steps. But before we dive in, let us talk some basics out.

iPhone Button Basics

If your good ‘ol Apple phone is pressing all your buttons by hanging up on you frequently, we think it’s time you acquaint yourself with the three primary buttons that every iPhone 12 models have.

Apple has modified a lot of the physical buttons and their functions on their smartphone ever since the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Now if you’re upgrading from any of the previous models, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them.

Restart iPhone 12 Pro Max

With the screen facing towards you, you’ll notice that are two volume buttons sitting on the left of your phone and one single button to the right. Since new iPhone models have removed the home button that used to be in the idle, these three buttons are all there is to work with. You have to use a combination of these buttons to get the necessary job done.

Restarting iPhone 12 Pro Max

Right, now that we are all familiar with the basics, let’s jump on to the main question of the hour. If you’re iPhone keeps giving up on you, the fastest and the easiest way to get an immediate fix is to opt for a force restart or reset.

Please note- A wireless or a data connection is required to re-activate your smartphone after a reset so make sure you’re in the right environment while doing this.

There are multiple ways to get your iPhone to work. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you about the most common methods; that is-

  1. Power Cycle (Restarting the device)
  2. Soft Reset
  3. Network Settings Reset
  4. Factory Data Reset

Power Cycle iPhone 12

If you press and hold the Side Button while simultaneously pressing either the Volume Up or the Volume Down button, a slide will appear at the top of your screen with the Power Icon at the start. Once you see the Slider, drag the power icon to your right.

Soft Reset iPhone 12

Although rare, a power cycle reset may not solve your issue entirely. At a time like this, performing a soft reset can help. To do that, you need to quickly press and release the Volume Up button and do a quick press and release of the Volume Down button. Now hold the Side Button for at least 8 seconds until the Apple Logo appears.

Network Reset iPhone 12

Now this type of reset is mostly applicable if you’re facing connectivity issues. Resetting your network settings at a time like this can help. However, do note, this method will delete all your network settings and reset your network to default. To do some, select the Settings App from your home screen. Here are the steps. Settings > General > scroll down to select Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings > select Reset Network Settings again.

Factory Data Reset iPhone 12

Now this is what we call a Master Reset. Do take note, this sort of reset will format your phone entirely. This includes network settings, your prized photos, your important notes and saved passwords too. So if you’re ready to walk that path, here goes the steps.

Go to the home screen and select the Settings App > From their head over to General and scroll down to Transfer Or Reset Iphone > to reset your device select Erase All Content and Settings > go to Continue and enter your Apple Id Password > select Turn Off and from there to Erase Iphone.

What To Do If You Can’t Update or Restore your Iphone

Once you’re done resetting your phone, you would need a stable data connection and your Apple ID Password to restore your phone settings. Note if you can’t do it on the device, use a computer to do the same.

Why Does my iPhone Keep Freezing?

Knowing how to fix your iPhone when it starts acting weird is important, but what’s more important is to know why this is repeatedly happening to your phone and what measures you can take to stop your phone from being freezing.

There are multiple reasons why your iPhone may become unresponsive and we are going to give you a few general causes for that.

  • One of the most common problem is storage. If you’re storage is over pouring or your cache memory is filled to the brim, your phone might feel overloaded with data causing it to go berserk.
  • Incomplete iOS updates or interference during iOS installation can also be a reason.
  • Your upgraded iOS can also be compromised during the modification process leading to your phone behaving erratically.
  • Even if you do not have storage issues, using too many energy consuming big apps at the same time can slow the operation ability of your phone.
  • If you have butter fingers and your iPhone is accustomed to taking a hit every now and then, this could be one of the primary, surface-level reasons why your phone is behaving this way. To prevent this, how about getting yourself a water-resistant, shockproof iPhone 12 Pro Max case?
  • Although uncommon, malfunction of the phone screen can also be a reason.

Keep Your iPhone 12 Pro Max Healthy

Resetting your phone or opting for a forced restart could be a temporary fix. However, if you’re frequently facing this issue, we suggest taking your phone to the phone doctor, I.e, the iPhone service center. They’ll probably poke and probe and diagnose the accurate source of the problem and can actually help you save your phone from long-term internal damage.

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How to Restart or Reset iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Wondering what your iPhone is thinking about when it says ‘thinking…’ for a long period of time? If you’ve been a loyal Apple user, you must know by now that freezing or hanging is a common iPhone issue that a lot of users often face. So naturally, as an iPhone 12 pro max user, you […]

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