iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G series

An Apple Experience Like Never Before

Introducing iPhone 12 Pro Max- the best and the most versatile PRO model in the entire iPhone12 5G series. From camera quality to 5G connectivity- the iPhone 12 Pro Max exceeds all expectations with its incredible features now making this phone one of the top sellers in the Apple universe.

Officially released on November 13, 2020, this phone is considered one of the biggest Apple releases. While the look and feel mirrored the other handsets in the 2020 iPhone family- the 12 Pro Max is a class apart. One can easily say it oozes nostalgia and yet captures your interest with it’s myriad features starting like Cinema grade Dolby Vision recording (which goes up to 60 fps), next level AR experiences and more making this phone a spectacular option for infinite possibilities.

The Best Part?
You can chuck the same ‘ol boring black and white phone backgrounds with the 12PRO Max bringing some fresh color palates to the table! Presenting a palate of beautiful Pacific Blue, Graphite, Gold and Silver color options!

iPhone 12 PRO MAX: Feature Highlights

What Makes This I-phone so I-conic?

A Cutting ‘Edge ’ Display

Apple leaves no space un-utilised with the iPhone 12 PRO Max 6.7 Super Retina XDR Display expanding from one edge to another. Let’s not forget the ceramic shield that boosts drop performance by 4X

iPhone 12 PRO MAX: Feature
iPhone 12 PRO MAX Fast-er and Furious-er

Fast-er and Furious-er

Equipped with 5G, rapid wireless charging, new MagSafe accessories AND the fastest chip in any phone- the A14 Bionic, the PRO is all set to make headlines. Imagine 11 trillion operations per second on the Next-Gen Neural Engine that goes up to 80% making this a revolutionary chip.

Picture Perfect

Speaking of headlines, one of the headline features of the 12 PRO Max are the three movie quality camera experience - all upgraded with improved processors. The camera also features night mode portraits that goes not just wide but ultra wide too and state-of-the-art AR experiences with the LiDAR Scanner. Experience 60 times more color like never before.

iPhone 12 PRO MAX Three Movie Quality Camera
iPhone 12 PRO Max PRO is Equipped to Record at 4K and 60fps

Calling All Budding Movie Makers

Want to bring that professional touch to your home movies? Introducing the first ever Dolby Vision recording camera. The iPhone 12 PRO Max is equipped to record at 4K and 60fps. The 10-bit HDR recording is what you need to make your videos more life-like and professional.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

With features like 12 MP ultra wide, wide and telephoto camera, Deep Fusion, Smart HDR3, Apple Pro RAW and Night Mode, you’re all set to shine bright through the eyes of your iPhone 12 PRO Max. Get up to 87% better low-light images and up to 5X optical zoom so that you can be

iPhone 12 PRO MAX Shine Bright Like a Diamond

iPhone 12 Pro MAX Size: Technical Highlights

Why Go Max? A Quick iPhone 12 Series Battle

Why Go Max? A Quick iPhone 12 Series Battle

iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Color Us Impressed
iPhone 12 Pro MAX Color Options

Unlike the usual black and white handsets, the iPhone 12 series has decided to bring some fresh color palates to your phone with the coloring options ranging from

iPhone 12 Pro MAX Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue

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iPhone 12 Pro MAX content


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iPhone 12 Pro MAX Gold


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iPhone 12 Pro MAX Graphite


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This gives the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro Max series a unique look, making this quite a trendsetting handset to sport.

Pocket Pinch iPhone 12 Pro MAX Price UK

Pocket Pinch
iPhone 12 Pro MAX Price UK

Is bagging the 12 Pro Max on the top of your must-have list? This handset comes with 3 pricing specifications, solely based on the amount of storage you would need. For instance-

The iPhone 12 pro max Price Range

256gb price in UK is £902.12 for the Pacific Blue color and £1210.27 for the silver color

iPhone 12 Pro MAX: Cases and Covers

We wouldn’t want an accidental oops to damage your 12 Pro Max; one of the reasons why we recommend everyone to equip your phone with the maximum protection that you can. Just take a look at this-

Crystal Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Crystal Clear
iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Crystal Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case that comes with Military grade protection and is slim and sleek enough to help you pull off your style statement. You can flaunt your original phone back cover and allow this Military armor level shock protection to keep your phone safe!

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Tempered Glass iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Tempered Glass
iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Yet another steal deal is this Tempered Glass iPhone 12 Pro Max Case that comes with the ultimate level of protection. We are talking a built-in screen and camera lens protected back cover with full body coverage, shockproof bumper, and magnetic charger compatible back case.

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Liquid Silicone Full CoverageiPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Liquid Silicone Full
CoverageiPhone 12 Pro Max Case

If you’re into solid one-color back cases, this Liquid Silicone Full Coverage iPhone 12 Pro Max Case will be perfect for you. This case comes with 3 layers of gel rubber protection along with microfiber and the raised Bevel design allows extra drop protection for camera lenses.

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Equip Your iPhone With The Best 12 Pro Max Accessories

There's no such thing as too much protection and that is primarily why we encourage our 12 Pro Max users to invest in some state-of-the-art accessories to power up this powerful handset, starting with these 2 prime accessories-

The Airpods Pro

The 12 Pro Max set doesn’t come with charge pods or airpords which is why uninterrupted streaming through your Airpods Pro should be a to-do list topper. Let us help you with our top 3 choices-

AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case

The AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case so that you can cancel out the world and charge your airpods in style.

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2nd Generation) Apple Airpods

You can also try this (2nd Generation) Apple Airpods with wired charging that automatically connects to your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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New Apple 3rd Generation AirPods

Enjoy up to 30 hours of total listening time in one charge with this New Apple (3rd Generation) AirPods.

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The 20W Power Adapter (USB-C)

Since Apple no longer ships adapters in the box, an upgraded 20W power adapter from lightning speed charging seems like a worthy experience if you hate having to wait on hours for your phone to charge. These turbocharge adapters claim up to 50% charging in just under 30 minutes. Check out some of our top choices-

iPhone 12 Pro Max Quick Charge 3.0 Multi USB Plug Charger

This Quick Charge 3.0 Multi USB Plug Charger comes with 30W fast charging and has a wide compatibility range.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max 20W USB C Plug Power Adapter

Try this 20W USB C Plug Power Adapter that comes with high safety measures. This power adapter automatically disconnects when the phone is at full charge and is also heat-resistant and drop-proofed.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max fast charging 20W USB C Power Adapter

Here’s yet another fast charging 20W USB C Power Adapter to fire up your iPhone 12 Pro Max that comes with built-in multi protections and has a lightweight design so that you can take your power adapter with you wherever you go.

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iPhone 12 Pro MAX: Our Review

We know you're excited to grab this stellar handset by Apple but before you do, here’s a quick review from our tech whizzes to help you make a better, well informed decision.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is considered one of the biggest launches from Apple’s 2020 family with this sleek, flat-edged handset bringing you some of the best-in-class features paired with a stunning stainless steel finish.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Design

Let's talk design, shall we? Apple did a major comeback on the old design front with the sleep handset sporting flat sides which makes carrying a definite convenience.

However, while the previous iPhones followed the iPhone SE look, the 12 Pro series implemented a square-edge pattern mirroring the iPad Pro series which means, if you're looking for a big handset to sit comfortably in your hands- this is the phone for you. Despite it’s size, this handset provides a seamless operating experience with the Siri button within easy reach on the left and the volume keys on the right.

In fact, the design of the 12 Pro Max is larger than the other 12 series with Apple dialing their edge-to-edge screen up a notch. If you’re into bigger screens and improved streaming experiences, this 5G enabled sleek handset can be really penny-worthy. The addition of the fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating promises to further protect your phone to a certain extent from fingerprint smudges.

As a part of the ‘premium’ design, the 12 Pro Max also played around with the back cover colors, giving this phone a much more posh and plush appearance with more mature tones. This tone is reflected both in the front accent and on the back of the phone too.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Display

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is exactly what we call a ‘larger than life’ experience with the handset being one of the biggest in size so far- that solely could be one of the best reasons for an upgrade. I mean, who doesn’t like a bigger screen with better clarity, right?

To top that, unlike the 11 and 11 Pro series, all the 12 series are equipped with OLED display or Super XDR OLED Display as Apple calls it which in a nutshell typically means you get a more clear, sharper screen with an outburst of colors popping up your display.

The 12 Pro Max also comes with thinner bezels around the display which allows this handset to stretch the screen up to 6.7 inches- an impressive upgrade backed by super clarity which means anything and everything you view on your phone- from streaming content to downloaded ones- all come with a lively boost of colors and pin-sharp contrast accounting for better brightness, clarity and an overall viewing experience.

Imagine binge watching blockbusters or simply enjoying a landscape or a nature documentary where all the colors are popping right in front of your eyes! You can thank the 10-bit color depth imagery in HDR video for that. The 12 Pro Max display comes with a superior video quality promise which mean the wide color P3 screens have a 2 million : 1 contrast ratio, 1200 nits max brightness and TrueTone support

Now speaking of displays, the last thing we want is for this stunning feature-packed display to fall, crack and scuff! That’s why the iPhone 12 series as extended its Ceramic Shield all the way to the front which increases the drop performance of the display by 4X.

Cracking such a stunning deal may not be that easy it seems.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

ize is not enough to stand apart and Apple proves that bringing a sensational camera experience to 12 Pro Max users. This camera is believed to be the best in all the iPhone 12 series. If we are talking about similarities, the 12 Pro Max follows the 12 series mold using 3 lenses, I.e, wide, ultra wide, and telephoto for the 3 cameras. All these cameras 12 megapixels with 4X optical zoom, 2X optical zoom, and 10x optical zoom.

One other fundamental bar setter is the protruding camera block from the back of the phone. Unlike the other recent phones, the camera block in the 12 Pro Max protrudes a bit more and thereby accounting for more captured light and an overall better imaging prospect. In fact, the sensor in this model is an improved version of the previous handsets allowing better absorption of light. If you like pictures that are sharp, bright, and filled with just the right amount of color pop- the 12 Pro Max won’t disappoint you.

Some of the other pertinent features included in the 12 Pro Max camera are-

  • > Dual optical image stabilization for reduced blurs or vibrations that has now been upgraded with a DSLR-alike sensor shift. This means the sensors will move without moving the lenses leading to better, sharper imaging.
  • > One of the highlight features of this handset is the introduction of Apple ProRAW. This is a brand new imaging format that combines both RAW imaging and computer based editing to create dynamic, life-like pictures that look sensational. Let’s not forget the Night Mode and panorama features too.
  • > Now let's talk night outs and selfies! The Night Mode feature in the iPhone 12 series really does stand out but what makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera stand out is how efficiently it does low-light photography. For instance, in dim lighting, most phones would automatically shift to their Night Modes, but not the 12 Pro Max. The big sensor on the 12 Pro Max camera doesn't switch to Night mode often and when it does it uses shorter exposures as compared to the 12 Pro while the other high-end competitors uses multiple longer exposures and merges them together. So, if you're a social bee or an influencer trying to lock down some late-night memories- this phone should be on the top of your priority-buy list.
  • > Yet another mention-worthy feature is the Smart HDR, a key element that uses AI to automatically detect and interpret the surroundings, faces, moods, tones, lighting, and more. The introduction of LiDAR sensors further helps in the clarity and sharpness.

Other additional features also include-

  • - Advanced Red-eye correction
  • - Sapphire crystal lens covers
  • - Up to 63MP Panorama
  • - Photo Geotagging
  • - Burst Mode

CALLING ALL HOME MOVIE ENTHUSIASTS!! The 12 Pro Max’s enhanced video capabilities are simply to die for! This is the first ever phone camera to sport DOLBY vision which means you get brighter, more color-filled videos just like the pictures (Just look out for some over exposures). But that's not the only best part! Say hello to recording in 10bit HDR. Imagine recording with 4K resolution at 60fps with stereo audio and 1080p slo-mo at 240 fps with cinematic video stabilization. This will be one of the best purchases ever if you're looking into professional grade video or cinematography without having to splurge thousands on professional grade video equipment.

IOS And Performance

iPhone 12 Pro Max IOS And Performance

The September "Time Flies" event by Apple saw the introduction of a new chip called the iPad Air 4. This is the same chip that powers the entire 12 Pro series alongside the A14 Bionic chip. In laymen words, if you want a faster phone with an improved IOS experience, we present you the 12 Pro Max. The phone was initially launched with iOS 14 but you can now upgrade to iOS 15 with the latest software upgrade. If you’ve been using th2 12 Pro handset, the difference in iOS performance isn’t too noticeable.

Presenting itself on the premium range, the 12 Pro Max does justice to the price range with elite features almost mirroring the other 12 Pro series but with a dash of improvement visible.

5G - Why struggle with laggy videos and streaming interruption when you can have an ultra-speed, low-latency wireless connectivity at the palm of your hands! Apple, although initially wasn't too sure about introducing 5G, eventually did end up implementing this rapid speed connectivity in the 12 Pro Max handset. This upgrade from 4G LTE to 5G could be a benchmark for the next-Gen Apple releases

MagSafe - What is MagSafe? If you have not heard of this yet, let us break down MagSafe for you! It’s a small innovation by Apple that places a magnetic ring in the rear casing of this handset that allows you to easily clip chargers, earphones, and other accessories to the phone. This quick snap-on technology returns with Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup. If you're looking for some protective cases for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can explore these MagSafe options-

Nothing says premiere better than an elegant Leather iPhone 12 Pro Max MagSafe Case.

If you're looking for an efficient yet independent charging solution this 3 in 1 MagSafe Wireless Charging Station for your iphone could be worth a try.

You can also try Apple MagSafe Duo Charger that is compatible with a wide range of Apple and Qi- certified devices.

Siri - Siri is considered to be one of the best Apple features and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, like all the other handsets has Siri too! From using just your voice to type out messages, reminders, and searches all the way to getting intelligent suggestions on phone customization- Apple really makes using a phone feel like a breeze! Activate Siri by just chiming in 'Hey Siri' and you and your digital assistant is all set to take on the day.

Battery Life

iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery

The bigger the phone, the bigger the battery- is what the 12 Pro Max is all about. Needless to say, the Pro Max’s battery life is terrific with Apple claiming up to 20 hours of video playback and 80 hours of uninterrupted audio playback. However, the 12 Pro Max comes equipped with 5G which means, based on the usage, 5G can complicate the battery usage or hinder battery life, draining it much faster than normal.

But that being said, what’s one major concern Apple users have been facing time and again? The struggle to make their phone battery last longer than the day! While the iPhone 11 series did try to spike the battery range, the 12 Pro Max has successfully overcome this issue, regardless of the resource-intensive operations.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

iPhone 12 Pro Max Pros and Cons

Still not sure whether iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one for you or not? Let us help!
Now that you’re aware of the details, let us give you a low-down brief on whether the iPhone 12 Pro Max is made for you or not!


If speed is what you seek, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is built for thunder speed with next-gen iOS processors working hand in hand to provide you a flawless user experience. With a backbone of AI and the sleek ceramic finish, this phone takes elite to the next level.

Even though this phone does come packed with futuristic features like DOLBY vision, 5G, and MagSafe- the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s price range tends to be on the premium end. Hence, if you’re looking for an economical budget-buy this may not be the phone for you.

Binge watching movies, series, and books on-the-go? The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s big 6.7 LED screen and you will be a match made in heaven then! The bigger, clearer, and brighter screen allows you to consume media in the best way possible.

Now Apple did go bigger this time with the 12 Pro Max handset but if you’re into old school iPhones, this phone will not exactly be a palm-friendly option for you.

If you're a camera person and want a seamless camera experience, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the best pick for you. This phone is feature-packed and custom built for users who heavily rely on their phone camera for pictures and vidoes. And let’s just say, the outcomes are awesome!

However, the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera protrudes a bit more than the other 12 series which means you can expect some wobbles here and there if you place it on a table to type. Even though its not really an inconvenience to many, it is still worthy a point out.

While most iPhone users complain about the battery life of their handsets, the 12 Pro Max owners would have a great time outlasting the day with just one single charge. This is primarily because the iPhone 12 Pro Max uses one of the biggest batteries (since its a big phone).

However, if you use your data connectivity a lot, considering 5G can tamper with your battery life. 5G tends to drain more battery than the usual wireless networks. If you want your phone to outlast your night-out, we’d recommend limiting data usage to a minimum.

Going Green

iPhone 12 Pro Max Green initiative

Being one of the most prominent industry moguls, Apple continues to set an exemplary path for conservation and sustenance with its Green initiative that includes measures like Apple’s Zero Waste Program that encourages suppliers to reduce waste sent to landfills. Another measure as such involves all Apple suppliers to transition to 100% renewable energy for any Apple production. Infact, Apple uses recycled raw materials in their production unit and has started limiting accessories like the charging pod or air pods in every box to help reduce electronic waste.

Frequently Asked Questions?

We are all about convenient shopping which is why we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

What comes in the iPhone 12 Pro Max box?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with an irony. It's the biggest phone with the smallest packaging and that's solely because you no longer get a charging plug. The charging cable is still there. This is a green initiative by Apple where they are reducing electronic waste since most people have their charging plug from previous sets.

What accessories should we buy for the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

MagSafe made a return on the 12 Pro Max handset which means cases and covers with MagSafe would be a recommended buy. If you want faster charging, you can buy a 18W or 20W power adapter too which guarantees 50% charging in just 30 minutes.

Can I take underwater photos with my 12 Pro Max?

Apple considers the iPhone 12 series waterproof, but there’s a catch. The phones are indeed waterproof but up to the depth of 6 meters and that too for up to 30 minutes only. This typically means, they are accident resistant.

Does the 12 Pro Max come with a headphone jack?

Apple has stopped manufacturing phones with headphone jacks. Most iPhone users are recommended to buy wireless earphones, airpodes, and headphones.

Are there any free Apps for this set?

Yes, there are some free apps that come pre-installed with this set. They are- iTunes, iMovie, Trailers, Apple Store, Pages, Clips, GarageBand, Numbers, Keynote, and Support.